Week 2: Black & White

This photo was taken late in the afternoon as the sun was starting to sink. After realizing that my kids were not going to work as models, I ventured into the backyard where this leaf was just popping. The color version is practically neon green because it was backlit by the sun.

You know when you’re in the grocery store and you see those tabloids that show what celebrities look like when they don’t have makeup on? That’s kind of what this leaf reminds me of. If you were just passing by you’d see that it’s perfectly lovely, but after looking a bit closer and changing the contrast just a bit, you can see that the poor thing is somewhat ravaged and has definitely seen a better day.

I wish I hadn’t shot the original image so close in; I would have liked to rotate it a bit more for a more interesting composition but I didn’t leave myself that option. Oh well, learning is what these 52 weeks are all about, right?

And now let’s head over to see what Jenny’s posted on her blog. I’m sure it’s fab as usual.


19 Responses to “Week 2: Black & White”

  1. Super cool shot! I love your description too, totally get that.

  2. love this! the contrast is really nice!

  3. Wow, Dramatic and gorgeous.

  4. very very lovely! such detail!!! awesome in b&w : )

  5. Great shot Tamara! I love it. Your kids will really be sick of your camera by the end of this 🙂

  6. Perfect, I adore this, I actually want it printed up big on my wall!

  7. OH my gosh this is STUNNING!!!

  8. Oh beautiful! This looks like a piece of art!

  9. WOW! Just WOW! Fantastic detail!

  10. wow, the detail on this image is amazing!

  11. This is great! Great idea for the B&W conversion, it really brings out the details.

  12. WOW! That is beautiful!

  13. Awesome. A work of art!

  14. Love the detail! Wonderful picture 🙂

  15. now that almost made me say a bad word, because it’s so a.freaking.mazing. love.

  16. WOW! just beautiful!

  17. This is fabulous. It feels like it was taken with an electron microscope. The detail that the black and white brought out was amazing.

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