Week 5: Food

I really, really enjoyed this week’s assignment and it brought to light three things:

1- I like shooting food. You can manipulate it all you want, it doesn’t whine, and no bribes are involved.

2- I really need to find a blog theme that allows multiple images. What you see here is an inDesign document saved as a jpeg. It worked okay, but the images—and I say this humbly, of course—aren’t as lively as they could be.

3. PMS. Big time. The shot of the sandwich and water are foils. Look at all that sugar.

Let’s check out what my friend Amy Ames of Holly Springs, North Carolina www.amyamesphotography.com is serving up this week.



11 Responses to “Week 5: Food”

  1. I too only drink water. But definitely am trying to crank it up when I am indulging in foods that I shouldn’t =)

  2. nutella.. yes! water..yes! and whipped cream..yes! Sometime I buy coolwhip and eat it right out of the tub. Great post!

  3. I loved it…and I learned it was fun to take pictures of food too:)

  4. hahahaha!!! love your write up and the pics!

  5. Love these Tamara! We are huge fans of Nutella in my house. Glad to see you love it too! Great shots!

  6. That cheese sandwich looks DELICIOUS!! I love bread and cheese!!

  7. Whipped Cream…Yummy! Great images 🙂

  8. Water is so satisfying. I love it! Whipped cream is delish as well! Great photos!

  9. That fatty sandwich looks DELICIOUS! Love them all!!

  10. i love your commentary! fabulous job!!!

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