Week 8: Mostly Dark (Part 2)

Glass egg. White table. Small flashlight.

This is different than my first shot because the light source is so intentional. I could manipulate the egg and the flashlight to try multiple setups. It was interesting to see the different effects from the glass egg and its various positions.

Now let’s see what’s lurking on the dark side of South Georgia Photographer jen hill www.hillartandphotography.com/blog.


12 Responses to “Week 8: Mostly Dark (Part 2)”

  1. Beautiful, the contrast b/t dark, light, and color.

  2. Hmmm, Both really nice shots. Love the color in #2 but the creativity in #1 is also well executed. Good post!

  3. i love your blog posts! so creative

  4. Both photos are great! Very creative interpretations.

  5. I love the second shot! Great job:)

  6. i love both of these…..but i think the first is my fav!! i’d sneak them too if they were in my pantry!! 😉

  7. I love them both! The first one is so funny and tells a great story. The second one is just so beautiful!

  8. these are awesome! love the thin mints gs cookie shot… and this one is so beautiful! bravo! : )

  9. Very cool! Love both of them 🙂 Gotta love those girl scout cookies and I’d be sneaking them too! Love the 2nd one with light on it 🙂 Love the reflection!

  10. These are so great! Love the first one…so funny too!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! You did awesome with this project!

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