Week 13: Nature (1)

[Note: After seeing everyone’s blooms, I realized that I only read the word nature for this week’s theme and didn’t get to the part about blooms, so I was looking for something completely different. Oops.]

This week has been brutally busy and up until about 5:00 today I thought I might have to bail on this challenge. But I had one hour to kill while I waited for my son to play tennis so I drove around, eyes wide open, looking for any bit of interesting nature I could find. I really wanted a hawk flying in close range across a wind-stirred field while carrying a rabbit in his talons as he hurried angrily back to his lair—I mean, that’s in-your-face nature—but seeing as how I’ve only ever seen that a handful of times and mostly on TV, I figured the chances weren’t in my favor that the hawk scenario would play out in the 60 minutes I had allotted to nature.

Alas, no hawk but a dear deer instead. As I was driving aimlessly chanting, “Nature, nature, nature, nature,” this lovely appeared just as I rounded the bend. She was very mellow and didn’t mind me at all, which worked out pretty well given the fact that—tick, tock, tick, tock—my time was up.

I took a few back up shots along the way and the one I’m partial to is on the next page. Click over to see it.


5 Responses to “Week 13: Nature (1)”

  1. This is perfect for nature. I love it! It looks like you were really close to him. Such a great picture. Don’t worry about the bloom part- there’s grass in it 🙂

  2. So cool, love that you got that shot!

  3. Hey, all you need is one great picture right?! And you pulled it off! Great, great shot?! Where do you live?!?! I so jealous! It looks so beautiful! And what a perfect representation of nature!

  4. what a lovely capure! unique and beautiful : )

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