Week 13: Nature (2)

I’m a California girl and this is our official state flower: the poppy. (Katy Perry had a lot to say about California girls in her hit from last summer, but I didn’t hear poppies mentioned anywhere in that song.) These just remind me of being a girl and roaming around in them in the foothills beyond our fence and being young and free and happy and all that’s good and sweet. They’re so simple and not classically beautiful, but they sure are a part of me.

Now let’s go see what’s nature-ally a part of Tabitha Port Huron MI Photographer www.littlebitoflifephotography.com


5 Responses to “Week 13: Nature (2)”

  1. You crack me up! I look forward every week to your comment on my page, but also your story for the week. I love the fact that you were riding around looking for a hawk with a rabbit, you need to write a book because your thoughts are BIG and you are great at writing down your thoughts. I LOVE the dear and the title – Simply great! Love the poppy as well, the color is stunning. Until next week, I hope it is more relaxing for you!

  2. love that both of the shots are SO spring!

  3. i really like the angle of these flowers and vibrant orange. good job!

  4. Love your images and the story!! I also love reading your comments on my page. Your writing is as if I was standing next to you talking to you! Love it 🙂

  5. Hahah, your words about Kate Perry made me laugh! That is a beautiful flower! About the deer… was she pregnant?

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