Week 14: Sacrifice

When my daughter walked outside as I was taking this photo she asked what the subject was this week. “What? It’s about sacrifice? Well clearly you haven’t sacrificed shoes, mom.” Raised eyebrows, an eye roll, a shrug, a turn, and a slow walk  back into the house.

She’s right—I clearly haven’t sacrificed shoes. And it does seem insane that I’m writing a post about me at a time when there are so many examples of selflessness and sacrifice by people helping one another. But these shoes do symbolize how my life has changed in the years since my children were born, and therein lies my tiny sacrifice. I used to pick up and go…no schedule, no particular destination, no accountability. I would walk around San Francisco all day by myself and just watch people or go shopping or run out across the Golden Gate Bridge or spend the day at the museum or go dancing with friends or head to the Haight and buy a pair of vintage shoes (if you look closely you’ll see them). All I had to do was put on the right pair of shoes and go.

I don’t do that anymore; I miss it, I miss the quality time by myself (the alone time for packing lunches, doing laundry, driving carpool doesn’t count). I know how very blessed I am and I wouldn’t ever wish away the richness of my life, but that tiny sliver of independent me is out on an extended trek just now and I’ll have to wait until time brings her back. In the meantime, though, I’ll be quite content with slapping on some running shoes, turning on the iPod and cranking up my imagination.

Next up? NC Child Photographer Kimberlee Edwards Photography Cary www.kimberleeedwards.com/blog


7 Responses to “Week 14: Sacrifice”

  1. Well written Tamara and I love the photo! So true!

  2. So so so so true! I couldn’t agree more 🙂

  3. My husband asked me the other day why I don’t wear heels more often… I just laughed. 🙂

  4. i could have written this myself! LOL! Great job

  5. Tamara you are such a wonderful writer, loved this! Great image! Have a wonderful Easter 🙂

  6. Great symbolism! I think my shoes of wear now include flip flops or running shoes:)

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