Week 16: Motherly Love

Capturing the essence of motherly love. Is there a more gargantuan, meaningful, and difficult task? It would take a good part of the day for me to describe just how crazy amazing my mom is and how very lucky I am to have gotten her as my mother. She’s the role model of all role models and at least once a day I find myself asking, “What would mom do?”

To really capture the embodiment of my mom is a challenge, but the one thing that can always bring me home—wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, however I’m feeling—is seeing her handwriting. It’s not perfect, it’s not pretty, but it’s unique to her and so special to me that I’d be able to pick it out of a lineup just as easily as a South Pole mama penguin can magically recognize her egg-protecting baby daddy in a sea of thousands of lookalikes.

This is a photo of lists my mom made throughout the years as she prepared us for camping trips. She gave them to me years ago after we had all moved out without knowing she’d probably need them for when she and my dad took the grandchildren camping. When you look at the lists, you see words. When I look at the lists I see the decades-long road trip that is my life, a treasured and most enjoyable journey that’s always been safe and fun and protected because of my mom.

I don’t think I’m the only one who gets the warm fuzzies from seeing their mom’s handwriting. Whenever a letter comes from my mother-in-law, my husband says with genuine sincerity and adoration, “Everyone look at Grandma’s handwriting. Look at how perfect it is.” And I can tell you that it’s so not perfect at all, but it sure is to him.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all.

Keep on moving, folks. There’s nothing more for you to see here. Next stop? Jennifer Hill, South Georgia Photographer www.hillartandphotography.com/blog


8 Responses to “Week 16: Motherly Love”

  1. Tamara this is great. Not a traditional portrait with your mom but so telling of her none the less. I know exactly what you mean about handwriting. It’s so distinct that I can recognize both of my parent’s handwriting in an instant.

  2. Love the story that this photo tells.

  3. Great memories to capture! 🙂

  4. I love this Tamara. Such a great memory to have and hold onto. I am so quick to throw away stuff like this, but I know you will always cherish these lists and sheets of paper. Happy Mother’s day!

  5. this is just about the COOLEST post ever!! i am so in love with the thought of all of these lists and the significance behind them.

  6. This is so very special! My mom was reading our old Christmas lists to us…neat to hang on to memories! Love it!

  7. Tamara this is so perfect. I love my mom’s handwriting too, and it does bring back so many special memories. My oldest son lives out in Portland,OR and my mother-in-law writes him a note every week. At first he wasn’t saving them and now he started to because she always tells what is going on back home. I said some day we will look at those with her handwriting and remember all the stories. Wonderful post!!

  8. I love your creativity here! It’s true that sometimes notes on a paper can be just as valuable, if not more valuable, than a photograph. What memories these notes must have brought back for you! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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