Week 20: Desire (Part 1)

By roweboat

June 3, 2011

Category: Uncategorized


My desire?

I want to travel back in time and hold my daughter when she was a baby. If I were greedy I’d ask for five days. If I were lucky I’d take five hours. If given a choice of five minutes or nothing, I’d covet those five minutes, sink my face into that delicious little butterball, memorize her smell, the feel of her weight in my arms, wrap my hands around those feet and listen to the early strains of the delightful giggle that remains to this day.

I’d make the most of those five minutes…


3 Responses to “Week 20: Desire (Part 1)”

  1. Oh, how I relate. I thought about this too…how I just treasure that time so much. The newness…. AHhhhh… Perfectly done!

  2. I agree completely! After spending a few days with Liza and her babies, I realize how quickly time flies. I so miss those baby days and that precious time that went so quickly. Love your idea 🙂

  3. oh lawdy,… I hear ya. I desire to start again, with the body of my youth, the wisdom of my years. That would produce a much better outcome for sure lol. Love this.. xoxo.

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